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Why Are There No Deals On Travel To Italy?

The global economy has been in the gutter for the last five years. Mediterranean countries like Spain and Greece are haggling with their EU brethren for astonishingly large bailouts. Italy has implemented such strong austerity measures that there seems to be a protest somewhere in the country every day.

So why are there no deals on travel to Italy?

The Recession’s Effects on Italian Tourism

Former Greek tourist hotspots may have turned into ghost towns, but Italy is still building new hotels further and further from popular city centers like Florence to accommodate all the visitors jostling to stay in the peninsula’s graceful historical cities.

In fact, as more exotic locations become increasingly inaccessible to the average traveler due to rising flight prices, countries like Italy with frequent flights, many airports, and airline competition to stay flight price inflation see increases in incoming visitors.

Italy is Always in Demand

Italian travel, much like Italian fashion, just never seems to go out of style. So Italian hotels, attractions, and tour operators have no reason to put their wares on sale. Many have even continued to raise their prices right on through the recession. And high-end hotels continue to open at break-neck rates.

As a result, not only can travelers not expect to get deals on travel bookings—even and especially at the last minute—but you might not even be able to stay in good hotels or even major cities if you don’t book well in advance.

How Far in Advance Must You Book Travel to Italy?

The short answer? As early as possible.

The longer answer? It depends on the destination and time of year you plan to travel.

There is no specific window, but as soon as you know who/how many people are going and your dates, get the framework of your trip laid out. Spots in the best (not just quality, but quality for price) hotels fill up fast and there often are not many rooms in great establishments, particularly outside the big cities.

Six months ahead is really ideal, and while we can usually find you something closer to your travel dates – even at the last minute – in peak season in major destinations, it will be extremely difficult.

But now is the perfect time to get a head start on your summer and fall travel plans. Check out our top ten favorite Italian experiences for some inspiration.

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