“Thank you for orchestrating yet another Italian idyll for us . . .”

Every single guide was outstanding!  Special shout-out to C. for Turin/Langhe, she is one of the best ever.  We hadn’t really grasped that she would be with us every day in Le Langhe in addition to the day in Turin, and once we had spent 10 minutes with her and she told us she’d be with us for all those days, we were thrilled.  We never stopped talking for all five days and the fact that she is studying for her sommelier certification made her a perfect partner for all the vineyard visits.  A. (Genoa) was equally great; we loved Genoa, no doubt because of her introduction, and she was incredibly helpful giving us ideas for our free day.  Likewise for D. (Stresa); she gave us just the right amount of history and was great company for the day, and orchestrated sending us to Isola Madre on our own later in the day while the weather was still good.  Last but not least, C. (for Ghemme visit) was a great companion for that afternoon.  I know that every day, for every tour, we took up a lot more time than the official program, no doubt because we always have a lot of questions and comments.  No one ever looked at their watch or made a comment about the time and we hugely appreciated that.

Our drivers were all excellent too – special thanks to C. (Langhe) who added a lot to the experience,  Renato who drove us from Portofino to Stresa, and A. who took us to Ghemme and picked us up at the crack of dawn to go to Malpensa.  (An extra salute to R. – he gave us a million insights during the drive and he steered us to have Risotto con Pesce Persico on our first night in Stresa.)

The restaurants that were booked for us — both the ones included and the ones we paid separately – were 100% perfect matches for us.  We’re still talking about everything we ate and how much we enjoyed the ambience and staff in every place.

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Brian Dore