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Our Top Ten Blog Posts in 2019

Happy New Year! It’s January, a month we dedicate to both looking forward at the upcoming trends and destinations for travel to Italy and Switzerland, and looking back to see what our clients especially loved during their trips over the past year.

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One way we are able to keep our finger on the pulse of what clients and travelers were interested in during 2019 is by taking a look at which of our dozens of blog posts were the most read. This year we saw a few perennial favorites at the top of the list, as well as a few surprising newcomers.

Here is a quick recap of the top ten blog posts over the past 12 months so you can take a look at those you may have missed and study up for a future trip.

Food and Wine Reign Supreme

Of course, it came as no surprise that dining out is a priority for travelers to Italy, and many want to brush up on local etiquette. Readers were especially interested in how to order when dining in an Italian restaurant, and, when the meal was done, how to decipher the different cover and service charges on the bill …and how to tip (spoiler: no need!).


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What was a bit of a surprise was how many readers were curious about what to expect at their first meal of the day, and our post covering breakfast in Italy was one of the most popular food-related posts this year.


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Another surprise was the food round-up post that came up the winner – our exhaustive catalogues of local pastasbreadscheeses, and even charcuterie were snubbed and instead readers where most curious about Italy’s vast variety of fish and seafood.


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Bringing a Bit of Italy Home

Food and wine dominated the popular posts, and even spilled into the runner-up category of most-clicked posts: shopping for souvenirs. It seems that visitors can’t get enough of Italy’s excellent food and wine while vacationing, but also want to know the ins and outs of bringing food and wine back from Italy.

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After gourmet treats, the next most popular item to purchase in the Bel Paese as a souvenir seems to be leather, based on the number of readers drawn to our guide to buying quality leather in Italy. And it looks like travelers planned on spending big, as many also wanted to know how to claim their VAT refund…a process that we go through step-by-step in our tell-all post about the complicated and lengthy VAT refund system in Italy.

Italy in High and Low Season

One of our most successful blog posts is where we discuss what to wear in Italy if visiting in summer … no surprise, given that the lion’s share of travelers visit between May and September each year.


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We were pleasantly surprised to find how many readers were interested in exploring the Bel Paese during the off-season months between November and March, when it’s easier to avoid the crowds and experience a more authentic side of even the most popular destinations like Rome and Venice.


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Getting Off the Beaten Path

Italy’s “Big Three” – Rome, Florence, and Venice – are a must for many first-time visitors, but we have seen a steady increase in travelers who are also interested in exploring the smaller towns and cities. We saw this trend reflected in this the popularity of this post that suggests some charming spots to stop over between Rome, Florence, and Venice where you can sample the slower side of Italy.

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Did you have a favorite post last year, or is there an aspect of travel in Italy and Switzerland that you are curious to read more about? Let us know!

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