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Easter Gift Boxes from Cantina Direct

Italian food stores, sweet shops, and bakeries are beginning to overflow with Easter goods in anticipation of the holiday. Each year, Italians celebrate Easter (Pasqua) with a colomba shaped cake.

Think of a colomba (which also means dove) as the Easter version of panettone.

While the latter has found its way to the U.S., colombe are just starting to show up stateside. You can get a jump on the trend when you order one shipped directly from Italy through our friends at Dolceforte Firenze and Cantina Direct.

We’ve curated two beautiful and delicious collections to ensure you have a Buona Pasqua.

Collezione Pasqua Colomba Classica

Pasqua 2022-2 (1)Collezione Pasqua Colomba Classica

The Collezione Colomba Classica comes packaged in a custom handmade box showcasing the monuments of Firenze. It features a Colomba Classica made by the Scarpato bakery and is complimented with chocolates from two of Italy’s finest boutique chocolatiers, Domori and La Molina. Each item is individually packaged so that it can be given as a single gift or redistributed to multiple recipients.

Collezione Pasqua Colomba Domori

Collezione Pasqua Colomba Domori

For chocolate lovers, we’re offering the Collezione Pasqua Colomba Domori featuring a colomba cake filled with delectable Domori chocolate chips and paired with two Domori egg shaped chocolate bars. This collection is sure to please chocaholics of all ages! It also comes packaged in a custom handmade box showcasing the monuments of Firenze.

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